Die Universitätsstadt Tübingen war von 2005 bis 2017 meine Wahlheimat.

Chris Simmance, ein Liedermacher, hat über diese schöne Stadt folgendes Lied geschrieben:


I was a stranger who came to this land
Came from an island into your town
Poor as a church-mouse with no-where to go
I didn’t know it but I’d found a home

I’ve never lived here but somehow its home
It’s like a magnet made out of stone
Don’t have to go far to get what you need
Everything’s local if you know what I mean.

With every little word that I’ve read
With every single picture in my head
With every needy child that I have fed
When all is done and all is said –
I’ve come to love this town.

Know every café, know every street
Know every cobble-stone under my feet
Know all the church bells and when they chime
Know many faces, they seem to know mine!


You are my anchor when I need land
Sailing on rough seas, not running aground
You are my passion, the wind in my sails
You are my reason, the rudder I hold
Quo vadis? Attempto! Quo vadis?
I’m going home

(Liedtext veröffentlicht mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Chris Simmance.)

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